This series of photos of a 1915 Ford Model T Speedster were taken at the The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum in Buffalo, New York.

If you thought Hot-rodding started in the 1950's well look again.  Ford introduced the Model T in 1909, and sold millions at what was a very low price at the time.  Of course this low price got you the bargain basement in mechanical and aesthetic designs.  Human nature being what it is people started producing "aftermarket" and "speed" parts for the basic black Model T.

Typically the chassis was lowered and the 40hp engine was hopped up, while  the standard body was replaced with a sharp looking “Speedster Body” complete with a monocle windshield, and the heavy wooden wheels were replaced with strong and lightweight wire wheels. 

A  kit of radiator, hood, floorboards, rear gasoline tank, and body could be purchased for around $100. The Speedster mod wasn't just for looks, it made the Model T go faster by making it lighter, and streamlining it. These changes could add 10 to 15 miles an hour to the top speed, which back then was a great improvement.



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