Here we take a look at an ICM release of the Benz Patent-Motorwagen 1886 in 1/24th scale and marked as 'Easy Version'.


The following introduction is as provided by ICM:

The Benz patent- motorwagen was the world first car with an internal combustion engine. It was build by Carl Benz in 1885, and on November 2nd 1886, patent number 37435 was received for the car. The vehicle had a gasoline engine, electric ignition, carburettor, cooling system, transmission and brakes. The chassis was made of steel pipes. The rear wheels were mounted on a rigid axle, with elliptical springs. The decision to equip the car with three wheels was caused by the peculiarities of steering, its steering handle was located in the centre of the vehicle. In August 1888 the inventors wife Bertha, together with her sons made the first road trip on Benz automobile length of about 104Khm. This trip received a wide response and successfully promoted the car. 


This offering from ICM is provided in a flip top cardboard tray, which is further protected by a card lid showing the artwork for the model. Inside is a re-sealable plastic bag containing all of the parts. The instruction booklet is provided on A4 sheets of paper that are stapled together. I suspect that this is a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine. This model is listed as “easy version” and so there is an additional sheet of paper showing you the alterations to the instructions and parts. 

This release from ICM of the Benz Patent-Motorwagen is the third release of this kit that I can recall. The first two being provided with photo etch spoke detail and one of the first two kits came with a figure set. The chassis/frame of the vehicle is made up of a number of different pieces and so take your time to make sure that everything is aligned to make you life as easy as possible. The drive to the axle is via a belt drive, and while pieces are provided to replicate the belt, I would possibly consider removing the moulded detail on the drive and receiving wheels and then replicating your own drive band using thin plasticard or the like, which I feel will give a better scale representation. 

The engine such as it was, was simplistic to say the least and consisted of I believe a single piston operating a drive shaft, with the carburettor off to the rear and a tube going into the piston chamber to ignite the fuel. No wiring or cabling is provided and I can’t really assist you on what is or is not required in this regard. The area where the people are reminds you of an old stage coach, with what is in effect a wooden garden bench with cast iron frame and a wooden floor and is fully open to the elements. The fuel tank and the like that are clearly visible have been replicated on the model, and there is also a box that sits in the engine bay, beneath the bench seat which I am at a loss to explain. The new parts in this release, the bespoke wheel frames are going to be much easier to assemble and in my opinion the alteration in material to injection moulded plastic improves the 3D visual effects from the 2D effect you get from photo etch. The central steering handle is the last element to be added to the model, and will finish this off to a pleasing degree. The one aspect that will challenge the modeller is painting the model, as there are a lot of different colours indicated and also you have a lot of different materials replicated that will have their own unique finishing challenges.


This release of the Benz Patent-Motowagen and listed as an easy version should provide the modeller with a pleasing result without the requirement to utilise photo etch. I do suggest some on-line searches to seek directions on any cabling that may be required, but otherwise a very solid release.



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