HERPA has a BMW ALPINA B3 LIMOUSINE in HO, and we will look it over.

BMW Alpina B3 Limousine | RailRoad Modeling

Herpa offers this BMW Alpina in HO, Mfg. No. 420976, and you can see it here on Herpa's website.  

Herpa writes about this model;

New design! For more than 50 years, Alpina in Buchloe has been working in friendly cooperation with BMW in Munich to produce automobiles that meet the special requirements. Herpa also adopted the models based on Alpina models in the 1980s and has been producing corresponding miniature models for the last 40 years. This series is currently being supplemented by the new Alpina B3 with a striking front end, redesigned rear end and the beautiful Alpina Classic rims. The model will initially appear in Imola red and Black Saphir Metallic with fine golden decorative stripes. The Alpina lettering on the front is also taken into account in the miniature, true to the original.

Let's lick the tires of this new model.

Herpa packages their models in form-fitted cradles that are held inside soft clear plastic cartons.   This Alpina is fully assembled.  Made with styrene and rubber-plastic hybrid tires, molding is first class and I found no flash, molding seam lines, sink marks nor ejector marks.  Surface detailing is fine recessed lines, and deeper recesses for the grille.

Starting at the tires, they have only token tread detail but the rims have crisp, fine molding.  The underside is shallow relief representing the components under the car, although I have never looked under an Alpina and can not voucher for authenticity.

The body looks to be a one-piece shell, except for separately applied side mirrors.  Inside the passenger compartment is a nice interior, including an attached rear view mirror.  All visible through crystal clear distortion-free windows.

Herpa uses clear lenses to simulate the headlights and brake lights, which are tinted as expected.

I cannot tell if the model is molded in color or painted.  Regardless, the finish is mirror-like.  What we can see is the grille chrome is painted onto the body, as may be the black chrome around the  windshield.  As mentioned in Herpa's introduction, gold striping is reproduced, as is Alpina and the BMW emblem.  These are not decals.

The model is striking to look at.

Whether you want this model for a display shelf, to incorporate into a diorama or model railroad layout, Herpa has released a beautiful BMW Alpina B3 Limousine.   The amount of detail present - inside or exterior - is enough to tax one's eyes.  I appreciate the clear lenses for driving lights, the interior, incredible finish, and fine striping and printing.

Modelers and collectors of present era vehicles should be happy with this HO BMW Alpina.  Recommeneded.

Please remember to mention to Herpa and retailers that you saw this model here - on RailRoad Modeling.



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