This is the second (out of sequence) Cars & Trucks News for 2021. It showcases a slightly different subject group than the others, although the model...

HERPA CARS & TRUCKS 2021 / 03-04 | RailRoad Modeling

This brochure presents upcoming releases by Herpa, SSM, and their new partners Model Pro and WSI Model.

Cars & Trucks 201 / 05-06 presents all of Herpa's series:

    Spare Parts

    ·        Classics

    ·        Police Cars

    ·        Family cars

    ·        Construction machinery

    ·        Fire Trucks

    ·        Semi-trucks

    ·        Box trucks

    ·        Eastern Europe

    ·        Fire brigade

    ·        Latest follow-up editions

    ·        Military

    ·        Private Collection

    ·        Shipping company

    ·        Start Scale Models (1/43 Russian subjects)

    ·        Vintage car

    A small selection of the scores of models in this catalogue are:

      Bagger E-656 mobile shovel

      KS-4561 Crane truck

      Renault T rigid tractor Talmon Transporte showtruck

      Mercedes-Benz Arocs tractor-trailer with Trackhoe

      Volvo semi-trailer with bulldozer

      MAN TGX L Doll long timber transporter

      Mercedes-Benz Sprinter `18 Fahrtec RTW

      Porsche 911 Carrera 2S

      Citroen 2 CV

      Wartburg 353 `66 Transport

      You can view each model individually at this link:

      CARS & TRUCKS NEWS 2021 03-04

      Please remember to mention to Herpa and retailers that you saw these models here - on  RailRoad Modeler.



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