Here we take a look at a great offering from Zvezda in the form of a Kamaz 43509 Truck in 1/35th scale.


The following introduction is as provided by Zvezda:

Unique trucks designed and built in Tatarstan have the (Kamaz) brand recognisable worldwide. In 2017  a vehicle with the index Kamaz-43509 was created. For 2019 the vehicle had undergone  serious upgrading: the working process of the engine was optimised, which allowed to reduce the exhaust gas smoke without deteriorating the dynamic properties., the lines and elements of the intake and exhaust systems were improved, the force on the steering wheel was reduced, the internal equipment of the body was re-arranged and the centre of gravity of the vehicle was optimised. It uses a 12.9 litre in line 6 cylinder engine of 1,050 horse power. The vehicles dry weight is 8,530 kilos. Already in 2019, the car brought a victory to the crew of Eduard Nikolaev at the Rally (Dakar). At the recent Dakar 2022 crews of Anton Shibalov and Andrei Karginov competed on Kamaz-43509 trucks with technical improvements implemented during 2021 and took 3rd and 4th places in the truck division respectively.


This offering from Zvezda is provided in a flip top cardboard box, with an additional card sleeve with the artwork on it. Inside the main sprues are packaged in 2 sealed plastic bags. The clear sprue is provided in a Ziploc plastic bag, which also contains reflective self-adhesive mirror decals and a small decal sheet – an aspect I do not approve of due to the damage risk.  A second Ziploc bag contains the tyres for the model. A painting and decal sheet guide showing the vehicle from all angles and an instruction booklet with the main decal sheet inside. Looking at the parts I see no issues with the moulding, with ejector pin marks being the only issue I believe the modeller will have to deal with. Part access is good, with the only risk being damage to the finer mouldings during removal. The size of the gates between sprue and part are of a suitable size to make clean up easy. I have noticed that some of the parts have broken away from the sprue after packing, but fortunately no damage has occurred to the parts 

Zvezda has provided this model with a well represented power pack, and while photo etch is not included, it does look to me to be a very pleasingly tackled element of the model. One thing the modeller can do to improve the power pack is to add the wiring looms to it. The interior cab of the vehicle has all of the relevant controls required, bucket type racing seats, but no harness detail has been replicated. A full roll cage inside the cab has been included, and in order to hide some of those ejector pins marks I have concerns about internal skins are provided in some cases, where the sides and doors are concerned. The door cards and doors generally have a good level of detail, but the option to show the doors open is not included within the model. The glazed areas of the cab are of a pleasing thickness and clarity, and while not intended careful cutting will enable the door windows to be shown rolled down. As stated previously the wing mirror decals are a nice inclusion. Exterior elements of the cab as well catered to, and when completed provides the modeller with a module to add to the finish model with just the interior requiring painting in advance. 

The chassis of the vehicle has been provided in a multi parts method, with the main rails being done in two halves, this has allowed a very good level of moulded detail. But care will need to be taken when joining them together, as if not cleaned fully there is a risk of them closing up with a gap. The cross members of the chassis are substantial, but I do not see anything that will help to make sure you have the correct alignment until the power pack is installed. The level of detail built into the chassis, suspension, exhaust and ancillary items have been exceptionally well detailed and make the underside of this model especially pleasing, and worthy of being displayed on a mirror. The front wheels of the vehicle cannot be shown turned, but with this model it is one of those aspects I can forgive. The tyres provided are vinyl rubber, will not be popular with many but detail replicated is of a very high standard. Roll cages for the rear portion of the truck have been replicated even though once you add the side panels and roof will not be seen. I personally would consider leaving off the canvas roof portion, or at the very least not securing it, to show all that beautiful detail that is hidden away inside. 

The model has been finished in a very nice Red Bull Racing livery, and I am very pleased with the colour, definition and thinness of the livery elements that will give this finished model a truly visual delight for the viewer. This particular portion of the decal sheet is that the decal sheet is longer than the depth of the instruction booklet, and so there is a small risk of damage. 


This offering from Zvezda of a Kamaz-43509 Red Bull Racing truck, is a stunning model which anybody into civilian type vehicles should fight over obtaining one. Every element of the vehicle appears to have been faithfully reproduced with the exception of the racing harnesses on the seats. It is my belief that any modeller with the ability to do this release justice will end up with a model that they will be only too pleased to display. My only other concern is that due to Global situations, obtaining Zvezda models is becoming quite a difficult proposition especially in the UK and packaging has not prevented parts being knocked off of the sprues . 



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