Hasegawa are to release a new tool 1/12th scale Kawasaki KR250 motorbike in July.

Kawasaki KR250 (KR250A)

Item no. - BK12

Scale - 1/12th 

Release date -  Mid July 2021

Estimated No. of parts - 180

Size -

length …165mm

width …59mm

height …101mm

Tandem twin of WGP machine concession boasting invincibility!

Kawasaki KR250 is Kawasaki's first two-cycle racer replica released in 1984.

Inherited the mechanism and name from the WGP racer "KR250", which boasted invincibility in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Water-cooled 2-stroke tandem twin-type engine with two cylinders lined up in front and back,

Such as intake system called R.R.I.S. (rotary & reed valve intake system),

High performance with unique technology, combined with characteristic styling

We still have a lot of fans all over the world.

Kit, reproduced in a completely new mold by thorough vehicle coverage.

The state in which the cowl was removed can also be reproduced. Single sheet specification can be reproduced by parts selection.

Parts color, cowl tank etc. is green, engine frame etc. are medium gray,

Exhaust pipe, seat, etc. are black, screen, etc. are clear.

Headlight mirror surface, mirror is a plated part.

Etching for detail up is also released at the same time!

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