Let's look over this Herpa model of a "Bigspace" Mercedes-Benz Actros, the first series-production truck to do without exterior mirrors.

Mercedes-Benz Actros Bigspace, item 309196, is a 1/87 model by Herpa.  It is one of 766 Mercedes-Benz, 223 Actros, and 35 Bigspace models currently catalogued by Herpa.   

    The new generation of vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz Actros series feature internal monitors and cameras on the sides of the vehicle.

This newer Actros features cameras outside, monitors inside, and a redesigned front lip.

Mercedes-Benz Actros is a heavy duty truck introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 1996. There are 36 different Actros models, normally used for long-distance haulage, heavy duty distribution haulage and construction haulage. [1]   Actros engines...

    ...are available in four displacement capacities and a total of 16 output categories from 175 kW to 460 kW. In conjunction with the standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission and additional driving programs they ensure economical driving enjoyment.****
Chassis available are 2 x 6 and 2 x 4 tractor or rigid, 4 x 6 haulage model, and a 4 x 8 version. It is available in weights starting at 18 tonnes and is powered by a V6 or V8 cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler.[2] They feature the Telligent® safety system.[2]   Actros also features 17 cabs in two widths, and five roof designs.***Those who want more details can Click here for Mercedes-Benz Actros.

Herpa's Mercedes-Benz Actros Bigspace semi-tractor is packed in a form-fitted cradle held inside a carton with a clear film window.

Except for four mirrors, the model is completely assembled. Molding and assembly are first-rate. I found no noticeable flash, ejector marks, seams nor de-sprue burrs. The models are made of injection molded plastic, and plastic-rubber hybrid tires.

The sharply molded exterior features fine recessed lines for doors and hoods, panels and the grille. Door handles are flush and are the tabs that hold the cab interior in the cab shell. Cab components are molded in both glossy and satin parts. Sometimes Herpa includes an instruction sheet illustrating how to open the tractor to show off the engine but this model did not contain one.

Tractor Detail

The cab superstructure sets upon a detailed two-axle chassis. The windshield and windows are free of distortion and you can see the nice interior. It is worth popping the cab off to see. Soft tires mounted on detailed hubs support the model. The front wheels can be made to steer if you use Herpa’s extra steering set.  Herpa engineered the soft plastic tires to slip over the rims.  Herpa created a detailed model of the chassis: gearbox, frame, fuel tanks, air tanks, axles, springs and suspension.

The cab interior is a single molded piece featuring detailed seats, dashboard and console, and a separate steering wheel. It is reasonably visible through the large cab windows. While the windshield appears to be detailed with a separate part with the wiper blades, I could not remove it and ceased trying before I broke anything.

The cab is detailed with Actros’ aerodynamically rounded design and styled grille. This tractor features the streamlined fairing atop the cab and skirts along the chassis. Not applied by Herpa are four individual mirrors: a pair of side view mirrors and two mirrors to reveal the blind areas in front of, and to the side of the vehicle. These are delicate parts on their own sprue. The plastic is slightly flexible. Cut them from the parts tree and carefully fit them into the specific pre-made holes and slots. These holes are very small and while some are obvious, mounting the front and side mirrors are not readily apparent.

The chassis behind the cab is nicely detailed. Note the tread pattern plate behind the cab, the intakes running from the top of the cab rear to the chassis, the fuel tanks, and the fifth wheel detail.

Herpa uses clear and tinted lenses for their lights.

There is an engine under the cab.   Herpa improved the model so one no longer must remove the cab to reveal it.   The cab tilts forward.    Just lift it up slightly.

Livery, paint, and instructions

Herpa decorates the model with molded color and painted components. The Mercedes-Benz star and Actros logo are chromed. Herpa does not use decals.


This Mercedes-Benz ActrosBigspace from Herpa is a nicely replicated model. It's high level of detail compliments the high standard of paint and finish. Clear and tinted lenses enhance authenticity. Tire treads and hub detail does, as well.

I do not have much to criticize now tht the cab is easy to tilt.

This model will make fine addition to collectors, 1/87 automobile collectors and modelers. Recommended.

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