Number Five is a new manufacturer and has announced some exciting new products.

After several years visiting racing cars and motorcycles museums and private collections, documenting the true colors of the actual vehicles, we can offer two new product ranges:

· Specific: Color tones specifically formulated to match the tones used in real vehicles and designed to be used in their corresponding scale model reproductions. The formulation of colors has been made focusing on the best approximation to the tones of the actual vehicles, and adapted to look more realistic when used in your scale model vehicles. 

· Basic: general/common colors to be used on all kinds of parts.

The new paint references are:


N5-X001 - White: White color tone specially formulated to offer a neutral white appearance, perfect for painting both large parts and bodies, and also for small details.

N5-X002 - Light Blue: Light blue color tone.

N5-X003 - Pink Base: Deep pink color tone, very useful if applied under red tones as it helps make them more saturated and deep.

N5-X004 - Intense White: Intense white color tone, also known as snow white or pure white. It offers a clean, achromatic appearance, without any color nuances.

N5-X005 - Anthracite Grey RAL7016: Anthracite gray color similar to RAL7016 tone. This tone is used very frequently in the lower parts of many cars and even as part of the modern liveries of GTs and rally cars.

N5-X006 - Camel Yellow RAL1003: Camel yellow color similar to RAL1003 shade. This yellow shade has been used extensively in Camel sponsored race cars.

N5-X007 - Dark British Racing Green: The classic dark English green, or British racing green, is the traditional color of British racing cars since 1920.


N5-C001 - Mustang GT4 Grey: Gray color tone similar to the one used in Ford Mustang GT4.

N5-C002 - BT52 White: White color tone formulated to match the one used on both the Brabham BMW BT52 and the Brabham BMW BT52b.

N5-C003 - CG901B Blue: Turquoise blue color tone similar to Leyton House Judd CG901B.

N5-C004 - Type 49C Red: Red tone used on the Lotus Type 49B and Lotus Type 49C sponsored by Gold Leaf.

N5-C005 - P34 Blue: Blue color tone formulated to reproduce the tone used in the different variants of the Tyrrell Ford P34.

N5-C006 - Stratos White: White color matching the tone used by Lancia to paint the Lancia Stratos HF.

N5-C007 - Cooper 1300 Red: Red color matching the one used in the different models of the classic Mini 1300 Cooper.

N5-C008 - 993 GT2 Taisan Black: Black color tone as used on the Porsche 993 GT2 sponsored by Taisan.

N5-C009 - Type 25 Green: Green color tone as used in the Lotus Type 25.

N5-C010 - Delta HF Integrale White: White color as used by Lancia to paint the Delta HF Integrale.

N5-C011 - M3 E30 White: White color tone used by BMW in the M3 E30 model, on both the racing and street versions.

N5-C012 - Giulia Red: Intense red color as used by Alfa Romeo on the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1300.

N5-C013 - GT40 LM Black: Black color matching the tone used in the 1966 Ford GT40 Mk II winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

N5-C014 - 155 V6 TI Red: Red color used to decorate the racing version of the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI.

N5-C015 - 934 Turbo RSR Green: Cobalt green color tone used in the Porsche 934 Turbo RSR sponsored by Vaillant.

The paints, made with ultrafine pigments and solvent-based resins, allow you to recreate with great accuracy the tones used in the original vehicles, from solid/metallic tones to transparent tones, or even the tone/color changes so sought after by the most demanding professional modelers.

Our entire range of products has been designed with scale model vehicle fans in mind, helping customers to give their scale models a very realistic look easily, and they are ready for airbrush use, without the need to further thinning or mixing with any other products. 

We offer very intense colors thanks to the use of highly saturated pigments in a continuously growing range of shades, all with really short drying times, and use wide necks bottles to make it easier for you to manipulate the paint, either loading it on the airbrush or returning the excess back to the bottle.

All the references are available in stock, and in the next few weeks we will expand the list with new shades and the rest of essential products (airbrush cleaner, thinner, etc.). 

Of course we are open to your product suggestion and needs 🙂

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AUTO MODELER



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