Andy Brazier takes a look at the upgrade set for the Fujimi 1/24th Porsche 917K from Studio27.


Fujimi's Porsche 917K was first released in 2003 and has been re-released with different decals, parts and boxes around 15 times since.

Although the kit isn't bad it does have some issues, mainly the absence of the engine.

Although this set doesn't address the lack of engine it does add detail to certain areas of the kit.

I bought this set as I wanted to see what it would bring to the base kit, and being pretty cheap I thought it was worth a go.

Although the Studio27 website has this as sold out, I found the set on SpotModel, so its out there if you want one.

In the bag 

The set is packed in a re-sealable bag and contains one large steel fret and a set of instructions.

The steel fret is unpainted, and has around 41 parts. The P.E looks easy enough to work with.

Interior and exterior parts are supplied.

The interior has a three part seat harness, which does need bending to conform to the seat.

The rest of the interior parts are for the dashboard, and a centre part for the steering wheel.

The parts are a bit more refined then the kits offerings, so should improve the look.

A lot of the exterior parts are generic, but there is a few for different race versions (Gulf, Salzburg, Daytona Gulf 1971), which includes the various bonnet pins and spoiler plates.

Some of the generic parts are the spare tyre belt, wheel nuts, a windscreen wiper, which needs to be bent multiple times, fuel cap, oil cooler, mesh for the front air intake, headlight housing base's, and some disc brakes, which fit over the kit parts.

A nice touch is a template for spraying the "Firestone" text on the tyres.



The instructions are printed on a folded A5 sheet of paper, with placement of the parts over three pages.

Text is in English and Japanese.

Although they are not the worst instructions I have seen they are not the best either, as the placement of the parts are superimposed over photos of the kits parts.

With some careful study though you can pretty much figure out where the parts go.

A handy part name and numbers guide is also present.

No colour call outs are given, so references and the kits instructions will need to be used regarding painting.


Although not as detailed as the Renaissance or the ScaleLab 24 sets, which cost three times as much, this is quite a nice and handy set which adds a little detail to various areas.

Although a few parts won't really be seen on the finished model, most parts do improve the kits detail.

Mfg. ID - ST27-FP2473

Suggested Retail - 10,88€ (SpotModel)

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