AMT issues Dean Winchester's 4-Door '67 Chevy Impala from the TV show, Supernatural. A few parts are from previous kits but this kit contains a lot of new tooled details.

Round 2, LLC
Kit # AMT1124/12
1/25 scale
Release date: 09/02/2020

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Box Art top.

Main reason why I bought the kit is for the new 4-Door body.

The door lines are a bit wide and shallow. The door handles and lock details are molded into the body part. This is identical on both sides.

I first want to show the trunk part of the body part. This is an important feature in the TV show vehicle. 

If you plan to open the trunk to show off Dean and Sam's hunting tools which you will have to scratch build. You'll have to cut the trunk lid open from the body. See next photo.

This kit has no interior detail for the trunk area but does include the pentagram decal for inside the trunk lid if you want to cut it open and build out the trunk area yourself.

Decal sheet included in the kit.

I was hoping that this image would show the 1-piece decal of the 3-part graphic pentagram decal. I think that this is inside the trunk lid of the vehicle in the TV show.

Ok, now the rest of what is included in the kit follows.

Ok, now the rest of what is included in the kit follows.

The tires are the soft vinyl type. Included are front and rear tires of 2 different sizes. Nothing is molded into either of the sides.

The tailpipes are slightly hollowed out. A good starting point to set the tip of a drill bit into.

Inner wheel part detail.

New tooled 4-Door inner panels.

Close up shot of the molded on details of the interior door panels.

Front under detail and the back seat.

All the glass parts from this kit.

Lens parts for the front door spot lights included in this kit.

Head light lens parts from this kit.

The hood is a separate part which can be diplayed open to show off the detailed engine included in this kit. And the front bench seat.

Under the hood detail.

The dash cluster detail is molded in concave so you can paint it or use the decal included in this kit.

One of my side view mirrors was broken right out of the box. Looks repairable tho, no prob.

Detail of the Right Rear tail light chrome part.

Front grille assembly. Chrome rims. Parts for building the front door spot lights.

Bottom box art.



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