Matija and Andrej Modelworks bring us two more new bases in 1/24th scale.

Touge Rest Area in 1/24th scale

A scenic rest area just off the mountain pass, this Touge rest area is perfect for showing off your own Touge battle car or canyon carver. Just through the parking area, there is a little scenic overlook where you can take a break and relax. The parking area is textured to mimic asphalt. The base also has a Japanese style drainage ditch, allowing for water products and fish to be placed in the ditch to add some more life to the scene. Gravel areas flank the drop off to the shallow drainage ditch.

Product Number: MAT-00050

Price: $26.00

Link: Touge Rest Area

Japanese Style Country Road in 1/24th scale

Showcase your retro Japanese sportscar leaving this old village in the countryside of Japan. Display the car you would love to travel through the windy roads of Japan in. This old country road is hidden away in the mountains, known only by the locals it leads to some great driving experiences. The road surface is textured to mimic asphalt and there is a small rock wall with space to add mulch, flowers, sand, grass, or any other vegetation you would like. There is a paper template included for the road markings.

Product Number: MAT-00044

Price: $26.00

Link: Japanese Country Road

As we didn't want to delay release of these bases to finish the representative models, we have released them without box art and are selling them at a discount until then.

We hope you’ll have fun trying new techniques and mediums with these new bases.

Expect an in-depth article on creating the representative models for these two bases.

Let us know if there are any bases you would like to see, as we're always looking for more ideas.

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