Here we take a look at the US Stake Body Truck G506 from MiniArt in 1/35th scale.


This offering from MiniArt of a G506 truck in 1/35th scale arrives in a cardboard tray with a separate card lid. Inside the sprues are packaged in a single plastic bag, inside of which are the sprues, a separate small bag containing the clear elements and a card envelope containing both the photo etch fret and the decals sheet. I approve of this aspect as it does provide a good level of protection, to what are easily damaged elements. An examination of the sprues causes me no concerns beyond some ejector pin marks, that will need to be addressed specifically those on the inside roof of the cab. Sprue gates are not excessive in number, with the exception of those around the grille protector where there are 7. 

This release of the G506 consists of a multi part chassis that you will need to take care when  perhaps the biggest struggle of all are the large C clamps that retain the rear axle, that are realistically replicated with the exception of the need to tighten the bolts - obviously these parts could be easily broken. Photo etch usage in this are covers a surprising amount, from fuel tank re-enforcing bars to the rear bumper assemblies and while on the subject of the rear bumper assembly I am pleased to see that MiniArt has supplied a former for shaping the complicated curves which is something often neglected. A full engine and transmission is included in the release, with just the addition of some wires and cables to replicate detail that cannot be replicated in plastic. The firewall between the cab and the engine is also very nicely detailed, which along with the radiator provides you with a very good model of the oily and mechanical areas of the model. 

The cab has a good level of exterior detail, with separate door cards that enables the modeller to show the door windows raised or lowered. These can also be assembled open or closed, with the only advice I could give at this point being to roughen the bench seat up, for a more natural appearance. The hood of the truck is provided with alternate side walls due to the option now being provided of an injection moulded grille protector or the original photo etch option. For those tackling the photo etch option, a number of former are provided that will make your life far easier than it would be otherwise. The windscreen of the cab, as was reasonably common in this period, can be pivoted forward from the bottom to aid airflow into the cab. Lastly the hood itself can be shown open or closed, and it is nice to see that MiniArt has provided the support arm for the hood. 

The bed of the truck and the side walls are an area that you will need to check carefully for any clean up that is required, as it will be particularly difficult to do after assembly for an issue found afterwards. Bracketry for the bed is provided for the most part in photo etch, means that those with the need to show the bed in a particular set-up could tackle that requirement. The wheels of the truck look good to me, and something that I believe will satisfy most - the tyres are also injection moulded plastic. The fly in the ointment that I have saved ‘til last is that the exhaust brackets have been provided in photo etch and I can see myself swearing just looking at them. MiniArt has provided 4 finishing options for this model which perhaps is more accurately described as 4 locations for the vehicle – 

1) Connecticut 1940s,

2) Idaho 1940s

3) North Dakota 1940s

4) Texas 1940s


MiniArt as a company is building itself a name for civilian vehicles, with what I believe is probably the biggest range from a mainline manufacturer. This addition of a G506 truck is while not completely new is a pleasant addition. Negative wise, it does require that the modeller has a very steady hand, a good knowledge of construction methodology, due primarily due to the very small photo etch elements, which along with the grille if used even with former will be a test. But with all that said, it does mean you have an exceptionally detailed model for your money. 



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