Here we take a look at a release of a Liefer Pritschenwagen TYP 170V on this occasion as a Cheese Delivery Car.


This offering from MiniArt of another of their 1/35th Liefer Pritschenwagen Typ 170V arrives in a cardboard tray with a separate card lid. Inside is a single bag containing all of the model parts. However, there is a lot of space around the package, giving the parts plenty of room to move around and become damaged. One of my pet hates has been committed in this packaging, in that the clear sprue is packaged with the decal sheet and while on this occasion there is no defamation to the decal sheet it is a risk. On the plus side the photo etch fret is provided in its own card envelope, and so risk of damage is greatly reduced. A look over the sprues paying special attention to the very fine mouldings I am pleased to say that on this occasion no damaged has been incurred. 

MiniArt has released many vehicles under the Liefer Pritschenwagen Typ 170V label performing various civilian functions. Due to the fact that it has been released on more than one occasion, I am going to keep this review down to the highs and lows as I see them. The model is a highly detailed kit, with a full engine and chassis and the modeller being supplied with folding diagrams in order to replicate brake lines on the model. The wheels are in the sandwich style of moulding, and so have a well replicated tread pattern. There are a good number of very small photo etched elements, which will further enhance the high level of detail but this will mean not every modeller will be able to cope with the requirements of the model. I like that the doors can be left open or closed, and that the door linings and furniture are separately moulded - taking away the issue of ejector pin marks. 

The clear aspects of the model have been well done, also the vents in the folding hood/bonnet are open vented and can be assembled accurately in the open or closed position. The cargo for this vehicle consists of cheese rounds in a number of sizes, and I am very pleased to see that MiniArt has provided good decals to finish the cheeses off to a high level and pleasing standard. MiniArt has provided 3 finishing options for this release all of which are post war and are as follows:

West Berlin late 1940s

France, early 1950s

Netherlands, early 1950s

The second and third options being the most colourful. 


This civilian vehicle from MiniArt does require that the modeller has a reasonable level of skill, due to the finesse of the photo etch elements and the fact that you are required to scratch build some aspects. Provided you have these skill sets, the result is potentially a pleasing model of a Liefer Pritschenwagen in 1/35th scale and a level of detail that will be difficult to better. The stores chosen for this release are unusual, but the cheese rounds have been very well finished.  



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