Here we get a look at what is offered in the latest Tempo E400 from MiniArt in a high loader flatbed format.


This offering from MiniArt is packaged in the usual manner, of a cardboard tray with a separate card lid. MiniArt has now reduced the size of the box that these Tempo E400s come in. The mouldings are only marred by some flow marks in the plastic, but these have not caused damage to the finish. Two concerns at this point which are related to each other, and that is the risk of damage to the fine mouldings due to the gates being a little on the larger side in some areas. As this is one of several Tempos released now by MiniArt I am going to keep this short.

The model offers a very well done engine and mechanicals and if you display these aspects of the model, it should prove quite eye-catching. You do need to add some scratch worked parts, in the form of wire or if you prefer you could heat up the sprue and stretch it. These represent brake cables and fuel lines I believe. The wheels have injection moulded tyres, with good tread detail and will please those that are not fans of vinyl rubber. The hood covering the engine has not been designed to be opened, but it is lifted due to photo etched grilles and a very nice covered headlight of the type seen on military vehicles and it is the first time I can recall having seen this detail. 

The chassis of the model is a multi part assembly, but it is very basic in its design. Basically being an A frame with a central strut. MiniArt has pointed out that the mose experienced modellers are provided with photo etched clamps for the brake lines attached to the chassis and to the rear drums of the wheels. The floor reminds me more of a farm cart than it does a car, but well replicated it would appear to be. Interior detail of the cab is well replicated in regards of essentials. The only thing I would add some weathering to is the seats and the floor. 

The bodywork of the vehicle meets expectations, with details such as wiper blades supplied in photo etch. The doors are provided with separate door cards and furniture and so no concerns about ejector pin marks. The doors have also been moulded to enable them to be shown open or closed. The load bed is something we have seen before from memory, being a wooden slat construction, with on this occasion a nicely moulded canvas cover, with my only issue being some ejector pins marks on the inner face that will need to be addressed. 

MiniArt has provided 4 finishing options for this release, technically all of these will qualify as military which explains the military headlights present on the last 2 options. The options are:

Junkers Technical Service, Late 1930s

Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD), Early 1940s

Unidentified Flak Unit, Germany, Summer 1942

Unidentified Flak Unit, Germany, 1944


This release from MiniArt of the Tempo E400 is 1/35th scale is a pleasing addition to the range due to its military service - In these cases being delivery vehicles for what I believe to be short range. In the first 2 cases to be tools and equipment and in the last 2 ammunition for the artillery units which make a nice change from the usual Lorries seen. The mechanical detail in this kit is very pleasing and allows those with the ability to really let their creativeness loose.



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