Andy Brazier takes a peek inside the Abrams Squad Specials 9 publication on building and weathering a variety of civil enginering vehicles from Eastern Europe.


“TRACTORS, Modelling Eastern European Civil Vehicles” is the first book of the reputed modeller Grzegorz Krawczyk, a specialist in civil construction vehicles and tractors in scale. His works are acclaimed worldwide and in this book you will discover how he works and what techniques he uses.

The book 

As soon as I saw this book advertised (on Facebook I might add), this went straight on my wish list, and as soon as it was published it was bought, and sent from sunny Spain. Delivery even in these uncertain times was only a couple of weeks, so all credit to PLA Publishing on a fast turnaround.

This soft cover book is 108 pages with full colour photos  throughout, printed on nice glossy paper.

All the pictures are beautifully photographed, with quite a few full page spreads of the various vehicles.

Over half the book features the various builds with handy tips and tricks on painting and weathering the kits.

Although not in-depth, the guides give you a good starting point on getting that weathered look. 

A variety of paints and products are used, so not one particular manufacturer is preferred over another.

Each build starts with a little history on the chosen subject, then proceeds through a little walkthrough starting from the build, painting, weathering and any final stages. 

Caption boxes are found with all the relevant details on how to paint and weather the vehicle. The last few pages of the build are taken up with full page photos of the finished vehicle.

The chapters are as follows

Page 4.- T-100

Page 4.- T-100

Page 16.- T-130B

Page 16.- T-130B

Page 32.- T-16M

Page 32.- T-16M

Page 44.- KRAZ 255 Truck

Page 44.- KRAZ 255 Truck

Page 58.- KAZ 606A

Page 58.- KAZ 606A

The gallery chapter has photos of other builds the author has done, with a little history, and some tips on the build at the start of each subject.

Eight further vehicles are shown in this section, and are as follows - 

DU-11 (D-469A) Road Roller

Kirovets K-700

CAT No12 US Motor Grader Auto Patrol

ZiL-MMZ-555 dump truck

C-432 Mule

Ural Crane KS-2573

SMK-10 Crane

MAZ 543 Crane KS-6571

Page 68.- GALLERY

Page 68.- GALLERY

The last chapter that covers eight pages, is a handy reference image guide of a variety of work vehicles in thier natural environment, with a few close ups of tracks, dozer blades, buckets and engines.




This is a beautifully printed and presented book, with handy tips on mainly weathering civil vehicles.

Although this book only covers this type of model, the techniques can be carried over to other genres, and is a handy guide on getting a great and realistic model.

I suppose the one nit pick for me is the lack of how the builder created the superb look of the rollers on the Road Roller.

I would definitely recommend this book if you really wish to weather your model to an inch of its life.


Manufacturer - Abrams Squad

Product code - ASQS09

ISBN - 978-84-122304-5-1 

Author - Grzegorz Krawczyk

Suggested Retail - £17.46

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