Trackpad Publishing already produce books on armour and aircraft, and they have now branched out into track cars, in a new series called "Track Limits", with their first publication a journey of building from scratch a 1/12th 1975 Hesketh 308 Formula One Grand Prix car.


This is the first of several volumes to present on-going work in the production of one-off, non-commercially available, 1/12 scale detailed models of Formula One Grand Prix cars.

This book highlights the 1975 Hesketh 308 as driven to Hesketh's only Grand Prix victory by James Hunt who, of course, went on to be become World Champion the following year.

This volume is a second edition of a work originally self-published using Photobox in 2014, now completely revamped and improved. Here, you will read how the model was researched, conceived and built between 1997 and 2000.

This book was the author's first attempt at presenting the research and production of one of his models in published form. Subsequent volumes from Track Limits and MRO F1 Engineering will reveal more subjects, each one improving on the next as many new lessons and techniques of model building were learnt with each model constructed.

In the book 

The book comes with a hard cover, and is in a A4 landscape format with 72 glossy pages with full colour photos.

The author, Mark R. Oakley, is in his own words "is not a professional model maker", but is a truly outstanding model maker who builds for the enjoyment and his passion for F.1, and this shows in the book.

The chapters cover the introduction, the history of the Hesketh 308, materials used for the build, research, construction of the various parts needed for the build, visits to various places to help with the build, and the authors final thoughts.

There are around 40 "chapters" to this book, with each part dealing with either part of the build or the research into the car, and the various visits too see an actual car in the progress of being re-built.

The book starts off with a short history on the Hesketh 308B, and follows with the inspiration and research to start the kit.

This particular model was built between 1997 and 2000. The research started off with a few pics in books, and a 1/43rd multimedia scale model by John Shinton, as computers weren't as widespread as they are now, so research was done the old fashioned way, with scale drawings and photos.

The build covers pretty much every part of the chassis, engine, gearbox, cockpit, running gear, and bodywork.

Although the creation of the parts never really goes into super detail on how they are made, the author does tell you what materials were used.

Most of the materials used can be found pretty easily, with Miliput, plastic sheet and stock, metal tubes and the various adhesives used.

This kit was made before the advent of 3D printing, so its proper old school scratch building.

Some parts from existing kits, such as wheels, engine block, and other small parts are used, but most of the major components and bodywork are scratch built.

Most of the build chapters also have pictures of the real part that is being built, with two pages dedicated to the cockpit of the real car.

The last few chapters of the book are about the authors visit to Lord Hesketh, the shakedown drive of a restored Hesketh 308B/2 at Silverstone, various interesting facts and pictures of the car, and finally a photo gallery of the beautifully finished model, with removable body panels.


The enthusiasm from the author really shines through in the book, with the passion he has for F.1 in general and the level of detail and research he puts into the model.

Some books about a particular build can be a little sterile but this volume is very interesting as its more about the journey and the dedication of the build that the author brings to life.

This is the first in a series of books from Mark R. Oakley, with the next book tilted "MRO F1 Engineering - The First Twenty Years" which tells the story of Mark's journey in establishing himself as the superb modeller he has become. 

More details on the Track Limits website.

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