Herpa continues to expand their range of 1/87 emergency vehicles with this new VW Touareg.


VW Touareg "Ordnance Disposal Service Schleswig-Holstein" is a new model by Herpa, who cooperated with Volkswagen designers  when the Touareg was developed to create a most authentic and accurate model.  This 1/87 model is item 096669Herpa writes of this model;

In Schleswig-Holstein, this VW Touareg is used as a service vehicle by the demolition experts of the explosive ordnance clearance service in order to quickly get to the operational areas, some of which are located in impassable terrain.

Being scaled to 1/87 this VW will also fit easily in any modern HO model railroad  layout.  Herpa currently catalogues 10 Touareg models in 1/43 or 1/87 scales, and 437 VW models.  To view this model at Herpa's website, click this link.


Herpa makes their  1/87-HO cars of plastic and rubber parts. The model is secured in a form-fitted cradle inside a clear soft plastic carton, the model being its own box art.  (Eye candy?)  A holographic licensing label proves production permission between Herpa and VW.

The model is cleanly molded with crisp panel lines. Rubber-plastic composite tires surround detailed rims to support the car.   All separately attached  parts are factory applied, including the side mirrors.

Clear plastic windows show off the interior without any distortion.  Herpa uses clear and tinted lenses for the headlamps and brake lights.

Kicking the tires

Unfortunately, no tread detail is present except along the edge of each tire, but the rims are sharply detailed. Note also details like accentuated lugs.

Underneath the body is low relief underbody with a fuel tank, exhaust ducts, and some suspension detail.  Atop the roof are luggage rails and an emergency light bar. They appear to be separate pieces attached to the roof.

Headlamps and brake lights are clear and tinted plastic. The windows are clear and not distorted giving a good view inside the car.

Like its larger 1/43 iteration, this Touareg has a remarkable interior.   Seats, a detailed dashboard and center console with raised and recessed items.   It looks very good.  Herpa even affixed a rear view mirror on the windshield interior.  While relatively small windows are authentic for the car, it is a shame to restrict the view of that fine detail.

Windshield wipers are molded onto the windshield.

Paint and markings

An intricate pattern decorates the model.  The silver  and blue body color opaque without hiding details.  The VW emblem and other printing is sharp.  Herpa does not use decals.


This VW Touareg is another top flight model for Herpa to be proud of, and it is certain to be appreciated by modern automotive modelers. This model sports an excellent finish. There is remarkable detail molded inside and out. The interior is better than it has to be. I appreciate the clear and tinted lenses for the lights, but am disappointed there is no tire tread detail to speak of.

Each Herpa VW Touareg you add to your display shelf or diorama should enhance it. Recommended.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or Herpa, to mention that you saw this model highlighted here - on AutoModeler.



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